Picture yourself on a winter night: it’s 26 degrees outside, the highest temperature of the past week, and you and your family have no place to call home. You lost your spouse a few months ago, destroying your family finances, and you and your children were just evicted from your apartment. While this scenario may be theoretical for you, it is a reality that too many families experience in the District. Many of us in the District are simply one paycheck away from disaster, and a sudden loss of support or an unexpected hurdle can upend a family’s livelihood. The city’s homelessness crisis has been an issue for years now, and while both the city government and non-profit organizations are working to remedy the situation, there are still plenty of families in the District that are homeless or near homelessness.

Family moving into brand new apartment at Webster Gardens

Through a continuum of housing, supportive services and continued housing finance for affordable options, we believe that we can end homelessness in Washington, DC. We work to end family homelessness in the district by a having a continuum of housing, an array of supportive services and through advocacy efforts. As the lead agency for family housing, Housing Up has made a powerful impact on the state of family homelessness in the area.