2013 Holiday Party DM 1

Housing Up’s Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) program serves 190 families through two residential building and scattered sites throughout Washington, DC.  Our PSH program is based on the national, rights-based “housing first” model, which focuses on quickly moving families experiencing homelessness into permanent housing with leases in their own names, and then providing additional supports and services as needed. PSH is specifically targeted towards chronically homeless families with mental health disabilities, a history of substance abuse or other physical health disabilities. These families need intensive supports to remain in housing and are better able to move forward in their lives if they are first housed.

Partner Arms 1 and Weinberg Commons are Housing Up’s “single site” PSH programs, providing 26 families with stable residency. This program provides on-site case management, mental health support, substance abuse counseling, life skills assistance, employment services, and youth enrichment opportunities to assist families in both maintaining their housing and accomplishing their life goals.

Housing With Care, Housing Up’s “scattered site” PSH program, provides comprehensive case management for families who are housed in apartment buildings located throughout the District. Housing Up service teams provide the same case management and services as in our single site location, but meet the families in their homes and in different community locations.

Photo credit: David Moss