2012 Holiday Party Family 1

Years of a weakened economy has pushed many DC residents who were previously securely housed and employed into homelessness for the first time. Housing Up’s rapid re-housing programs center on quickly moving families who are experiencing homelessness into permanent housing with leases in their own name and providing short-term rental assistance and case management support to assist families in getting back on their feet and regaining economic self-sufficiency. Families receive assistance in 3-4 month increments, with most able to regain economic independence within 6-12 months. Assistance includes financial support through security deposits and rental subsidies as well as services such as employment counseling, credit repair, and financial education.

Housing Up offers two rapid re-housing programs – the Family Rehousing and Stabilization Program (FRSP) and HomeWard. Housing Up’s FRSP (funded by the District) serves over 150 families and our HomeWard program (funded by HUD) serves 25 families.

Photo Credit: Lauren Schneiderman