Housing Up views collaboration with the larger DC housing, homeless services and economic development community as an elemental force in our mission to end homelessness. We recognize that to end homelessness in the District we must harness the community’s collective energy to make change at both system and service delivery levels.

H4A Group shot

Housing Up is a member of the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development, participating in advocacy efforts and the Housing For All campaign. Additionally, we work with the following groups to create improve the landscape of affordable housing in Washington, DC.

–        HAND (the Housing Association of Nonprofit Developers)
–        CAN (Communications Action Network)
–        DC Interagency Council on the Homeless
–        Mayor Gray’s DC Comprehensive Housing Strategy Task Force

For more information on volunteer and advocacy opportunities, contact our Manager of Volunteers and Community Engagement, Emily Koppel at ekoppel@housingup.org.