Employment services are a critical component of Housing Up’s strategy to increase the economic viability of our families and support their long-term housing stability. Housing Up has merged its employment services and case management teams. Rather than refer families to Housing Up’s separate employment services team, clients will now work directly with their case managers to build employment goals into their case plan and work through them step by step. We have found that our clients are oftentimes more comfortable with the case managers they have come to know, respect and trust. This positive relationship yields success. Some of the employment counselors have been hired as case managers, and Housing Up will retain its Education and Training Counselor to liaise with case managers and their clients about options for expanding their education.

For more information about our employment services, please contact Crystal Stewart, Education and Training Coordinator, at cstewart@housingup.org.

TANF Coordindation

Housing Up works closely with DC Department of Human Services (DHS) to ensure that our families who receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) benefits are aware of the changes in TANF eligibility requirements, and we support families in meeting their TANF employment, training, and education goals.

Local Partners

Housing Up partners with local non-profits and learning institutions so that families can access the best employment, training and educational resources. These partners include but are not limited to: