Futures is a program that targets young women aged 12-21 to address their educational, employment, and community needs.  The program is broken down into 3 age categories and each is tailored to a developmentally appropriate curriculum. This program:

  • Creates an opportunity for women and girls that are often left out of traditional services
  • Develops work related experience
  • Allows another step toward employment stability
  • Increases the readiness of current candidates, improving chances of employment

“Futures is about empowering young women.  Women are often the providers for the family, so the more skills and opportunities that we give them, the higher their academic achievement and employment will be,” explained Lissa Ramsepaul, THC’s Senior Director of Clinical Services & Quality Assurance.


60% of THC residents are women and girls and a total of 770 women and girls benefit from THC’s programs. Because women and girls are such a large  part of what we do here at THC, we make it one of our top priorities to provide the tools that will help women and girls build their futures and transform their own lives.


Through weekly workshops, THC staff will discuss issues ranging from budgeting, financial assistance for higher education, resume writing and more. Each workshop series is modified based on the age of the participants to engage them in ways that they find meaningful. Futures Jr. focuses on financial literacy and the staircase to employment , while Futures I focuses on job readiness skills, and College/GED prep.  After the workshop series, the women and girls will move on to their internship opportunities! By working at local stores and organizations, they will gain valuable knowledge and first-hand experience in different work environments.

Wondering how to get involved in Futures?

THC is looking for volunteers and supporters to get involved in a variety of ways. First and foremost we are searching for internship placement sites for our participants–if you own a small business, run an organization, or are looking for administrative support please contact Lissa Ramsepaul at lramsepaul@thcdc.org and Rada Moss at rmoss@thcdc.org to talk about ways to collaborate!

Additionally, THC is looking for volunteers from a variety of professional backgrounds that are committed to the advancement of women and girls to support our weekly workshops!

Futures was created through the generosity of the Rainmakers Giving Circle of the Washington Area Women’s Foundation.

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