Many of Housing Up’s families live in apartments scattered throughout Washington, DC. Housing Up offers housing counseling services to all families as part of a holistic approach to assist them in accessing and maintaining stable housing for their families.

Core Service Areas

2013 FAD family

Housing Counselors provide assistance throughout the housing process:

Housing Assessment and Planning: Families in shelter with a housing counselor to discuss their housing needs, including the size of the unit, a neighborhood preference, the target price range, as well as any other special housing needs they may have.

Housing Search Assistance: In tandem with the family’s own housing search efforts, our housing team  reaches out to its network of local landlords to identify available apartments that match the families’ preferences. Housing Up refers families to multiple apartment options to allow families to exercise choice in where they live.

Lease-Up and Move-In Assistance: For families moving from shelter, Housing Up provides support to families through the administrative requirements involved with completing their housing application and signing their lease. The housing team also coordinates assistance with move-in according to the resources available in each program.

Housing Education: Once families are stably housed, the housing team collaborates with our supportive services to provide ongoing education and training on skills that help families stay housed and work towards any housing goals they may have.  Key topics include:

    • Understanding the rights and responsibilities in your lease
    • Basic apartment maintenance
    • Household management
    • Credit repair
    • Budget management