What a difference 25 years makes! In 1990, THC provided comprehensive support services to 14 families at Partner Arms on Kennedy Street, NW. Today, THC serves more than 600 families at multiple locations across the District of Columbia. We are recognized as a premier provider of comprehensive support services and affordable housing in the city.

For THC’s first 15 years, the name Transitional Housing Corporation literally described what we did: transitioning formerly homeless families to stable living environments. But, as affordable housing became increasingly difficult to find for families leaving Partner Arms, we resolved to develop affordable housing to address this growing need. At the same time, we determined that permanent housing is a more effective means to end chronic homelessness.

Over the last 10 years, THC added permanent supportive housing and rapid re-housing to our transitional and affordable housing programs. In recognition of our expanded range of housing options and services, we decided to adopt a new name and brand to reflect the direction we want to go, both now and in the future. We will continue to change and adapt our programs to carry out our mission and address the challenges our families face.

As Housing Up, we boldly affirm our commitment to ending family homelessness by 2020 and to creating and sustaining the ladder of opportunity for all in our nation’ s capital.

Check out our press release to learn more about our rebrand.