THC has a vibrant and dedicated volunteer community committed to serving the over 500 families

2013 Howard Service Day at PA2

In 2013 our volunteers served…

  • 40 hours furnishing Apartments
  • 56 hours supporting special THC events
  • 154 hours planning and helping THC’s youth gardens grow
  • 292 hours playing with kids in our youth enrichment program (YEP)
  • 429 hours helping to paint, clean, and support with one time opportunities
  • 782 hours tutoring

In total, THC volunteers served 1,982 hours in service!

Tutoring story:

In the fall of 2012, a mother of one of our youth participants approached THC staff members with a problem. Her 8 year old daughter was struggling in school. She was acting out in class and at home, starting fights with other students and adults regularly. While we worked to find a mentor for her in early November, THC’s tutoring program began at Faircliff Plaza East, Fort View and Webster Gardens. Within two weeks, her behavior in the youth programs setting shifted. She sat calmly, working diligently on her homework. Now, three months later her teachers and mother have noted the shift in her behavior. By having a tutor to work with her one-on-one, this youth no longer needed to act out because she now received the attention she craved.