Khandra’s Story

2015 Khandra, PSHKhandra grew up in a turbulent home environment, where arguments were constant. The hope of a better life, one where she and her siblings could be safe was what got her through it. At the young age of 18, Khandra moved out of this hostile environment along with her younger sister, Khameron and her daughter, Raz’jah. They joined their grandmother in a scattered site apartment with THC’s Permanent Supportive Housing.

From the beginning, Khandra knew that she wanted something different. She didn’t just want to survive, she wanted to thrive. She wanted to have a happy family, financial security and to pursue her passion for fashion.

As her Case Manager, Deitra Fant said, “Khandra is

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driven, motivated, and committed to being different from how she was raised… She is working very hard to no longer be reliant on the system because she wants to be fully independent.”

Now, 6 years later, Khandra is 24 years old her hard work is paying off. She has completely transformed her life and the lives of her children. She is currently working two jobs (one in retail, and the other as a manager of a local restaurant) while also studying at the Fashion Institute of Washington. Beyond her career, Khandra recently purchased a car, and became engaged! Now, she and her fiancé are looking forward to buying their own home, ready to start the life she had only dreamed of before.

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