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Leadership Team

Phil Hecht | President and Chief Executive Officer | bio
Haribo Kamara-Taylor | Chief Operating Officer | bio
Melissa Barrett | Director of  Resource Development | bio
Courtney W. Hall | Vice President of Programs | bio
Julia Moran Morton | Vice President of Affordable Housing | bio

Administration and Operations

Marjorie Bingham | Human Resources Coordinator
Temuri Goletiani | Operations Director
Corey Whisman | Contracts & Grants Manager

Affordable Housing

Vacant Senior Project Manager | 
Alan Remchuk | Asset Manager 

Clinical Services

Yvette Mosley, LGSW | Senior Director of Quality Assurance and Clinical Services
Morgan Taylor | Quality Assurance Specialist
Deitra Fant | Therapist
Corey Beaufort| Clinical Consultant
Latoya Hagins | Manager of Family Assessments | staff spotlight
Arianne Robinson | Assessment Specialist staff spolight
Sara Wallen | Assessment Specialist staff spotlight

Crystal Stewart | Education and Training Coordinator


Emily Koppel |  Manager of Volunteer Programs & Community Engagement
Christina Peay | Manager of Communications & Special Events

Vacant | Development Associate

Housing Counseling

Terri McFee-Carter Housing Services Manager staff spotlight
Rodney Brice |Housing Coordinator
Tjuan Woods | Housing Coordinator
Vacant | Housing Coordinator

Permanent Supportive Housing

Natasha Miller, MA, LCPC | Director of Permanent Supportive Housing
Rachel Kemp | Case Manager Supervisor, Housing with Care 1
Michelle Sloan | Case Manager Supervisor, PAs
Colby Johnson | Case Manager Supervisor, Housing with Care staff spotlight
Beryl Smith | Case Manager, Housing with Care 1
Kristina Harvey | Case Manager, Housing with Care 1
Demetria Rogers | Case Manager, Housing with Care 1
Larnetta Matthews | Case Manager, Housing with Care 1
Carman Wilkins-Vincent | Case Manager, Housing with Care 1 
Letisha Moise | Case Manager, Housing with Care 1 
David Veney | Case Manager, Housing with Care 2 
Dorian Parker | Case Manager, Partner Arms 1 
Ebun Miles | Case Manager, Partner Arms 3 
David Woodard | Case Manager, Weinberg Commons |
 staff spotlight

Rapid Re-housing

Daphne Glanton | Director of Rapid Re-housing
Danielle Foltz | Case Manager Supervisor, RRH
Aesha Spruill | Case Manager Supervisor, RRH
Althea Batticks | Case Manager, Family Housing Solutions, RRH
Joy Mungo | Case Manager, FRSP
Danielle Fletcher | Case Manager, FRSP
Claudine Brown | Case Manager, FRSP
Jermaine Kenner | Case Manager, FRSP
Ashley Simmons | Case Manager, FRSP
Charles Williams | Case Manager, Homeward
Reantle Murphy | Case Manager, Homeward

Resident Services

Megan Wessels | Resident Services Manager | staff spotlight
Jemahl Nixon | Part-time Resident Services Coordinator
Nkemdirim Offor | Resident Services Coordinator
Tyisha Jones | Resident Services Assistant
Nashea Basham | Part-time Resident Services Assistant
Jamal Alston | Part-time Resident Services Assistant