2014 Living in the City 64As guests entered THC’s Annual Living in the City event, they faced the beautiful multimedia wall of the new NPR Headquarters with photos of our families, awardees and facts about family homelessness in Washington, DC. Throughout the course of the evening, over 250 people raised $120,000 which will go directly to support the 500 families that THC serves. They did this through sponsorships, donations, purchasing tickets, and through our live and silent auctions!

Living in the City is an annual opportunity to recognize the incredible effort that goes in to ending family homelessness. During this event we honored a financier, a community leader, a THC volunteer, and a resident for their unique roles in this important work.


2014 Living in the City 152Cornerstone, Inc was awarded one of THC’s Community Leadership Awards. They have supported our efforts by helping us to finance a number of projects: the renovations of Partner Arms 1, THC’s single-site Permanent Supportive Housing building, the upcoming rehabilitation

of THC’s newest property, the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Commons (formerly known as Delta Commons at Benning Road), and more! Beyond the support they have given our organization, Cornerstone, Inc. has played a critical role DC’s supportive housing community by participating in the financing of more than 2,700 units in over 130 locations. In their first 15 years, Cornerstone, Inc has become an expert in funding supportive housing because they understand the challenges of providing the integrated services for this population. As Executive Director of Cornerstone, Inc., Nancy Leiberman has been a creative and tireless advocate for innovative efforts to finance supportive housing.


2014 Living in the City | Bob PohlmanBob Pohlman was awarded THC’s Community Leadership Award for his courageous leadership of the Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development (CNHED). During his time at CNHED, he led 140 member organizations in ensuring that residents with low and moderate incomes have housing and economic opportunities in neighborhoods throughout the District of Columbia. Bob played a central role in organizing citywide housing advocacy to gain dedicated funding for the District’s Housing Production Trust Fund. Since 2002, the DC trust fund has become one of the most successful, investing more than $400 million to help finance the production of over 8,000 affordable homes for low and moderate income DC residents. There has been no single individual who has done more for advancing the cause of permanent, affordable housing for all DC residents than Bob Pohlman.


2014 Living in the City | Kelsey SchumacherKelsey Schumacher was awarded THC’s Carla B. Howery Award for her steadfast service to THC. During her time at American University, she volunteered regularly as a member of Alpha Phi Omega (a service fraternity). She now is an associate program manager at CRDF Global, an international nonprofit that promotes science and technology development. Kelsey has served as a volunteer tutor and gardener at Webster Gardens and Faircliff Plaza East for over a year. In that time she has served over 100 hours, proving herself to be a consistent and positive force that the kids can rely on for her calming nature, focused attention to detail and ability to captivate a large group of 5 year olds!



2014 Living in the City 197Iyon Johnson was awarded THC’s Client Achievement Award for her perseverance and dedication to family in the face of homelessness. In 2008, she and her two children (Anaya and Aneas) moved into THC’s transitional housing program. Iyon worked diligently with her case manager and employment services to find work. When Fort View (an affordable housing complex created by THC and Somerset Development) opened, she moved in. Since then she has received her Master’s degree in Counseling from Trinity University in DC and has begun working at the Department of Human Services as a Vocational Development Specialist. Learn more about Iyon’s story in her own words through the follow video.




Thank you to all of you that supported THC’s Living in the City! Check out our event photos to see more of this incredible occasion!

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