WebsterGardensTutoring20130227-132As the school year comes to a close, so does our tutoring program for the season. In our second year http://cialisgeneric-pharmacy.com/ of providing this service, we experienced a number of amazing moments:

– K is a 4 year old girl at THC’s Webster Gardens location. In the fall of 2013, she began her first year of school in pre-Kindergarten. She was hesitant when it came to her academics, and struggled with writing in particular. Now, a year later, she is able to write her own name.

– Near the middle of the school year, one of THC’s Board Members, Jim Roumell, offered two bicycles as an incentive to encourage the tutees to read. This sparked a deep desire to learn in many of the students. They will accutane work worked hard with their tutors, reading book after book and completing book reports to reinforce their new knowledge.

At the same time, the older youth prepared presentations to celebrate Black History month; focusing on leaders like Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and even Michael Jackson! This gave the tutees the opportunity to explore their own interests and get creative – one tutee included his own rendition of Thriller!

Behind these inspiring and growth-filled moments is a group of dedicated staff and volunteers. Megan Wessels, Nkem Offor, Jemhal Nixon and Entoria Nicely worked diligently as a Resident Services team to provide a safe and supportive work environment. They also provided leadership to 48 volunteers that worked one-on-one or in small groups with the youth throughout the year. A special thanks to Kelsey Schumacher, Tyler White, Jessica Pineda, Julie Goodwin, Ingalisa Schrobsdorff, Cristina Pardo, Suzgo Munthali for serving over 30 hours this academic year and providing spectacular levels of support and consistency at our Fort View and Webster Gardens locations!

Are you interested in supporting formerly homeless and generic viagra at-risk youth in their academic pursuits? THC’s tutoring program will recommence in late August 2014. To learn more, contact Kate Stritzinger at kstritzinger@thcdc.org right away!


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