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The holiday season is officially over and we’ve celebrated the arrival of a new year. As soon as the calendar flips to January, our minds turn from gifts and holiday cookies to goals and resolutions. Whether you’re committing to a healthier lifestyle or promising to actually take that trip abroad, we’re all considering ways to make this brand new year even better than the last.

In the midst of all of this reflection, it is perfect timing that National Mentoring Month kicks off this month. This January 2016 marks the 15th annual National Mentoring Month, a month dedicated to highlighting the importance of quality mentoring programs and encouraging people to volunteer their time to the worthy cause of enriching the lives of children in their communities. For those looking to become more involved in their communities in 2016, taking advantage of mentoring and volunteer opportunities is a great way to start.

At THC, our volunteers have a chance to interact with children of all ages and have a positive effect through our tutoring programs. Twice a week, volunteers tutor children at three of our properties – Faircliff Plaza East, Fort View and Webster Gardens. Our volunteers have a great time helping children (ranging in age from pre-K to early high school) with homework assignments – from English to mathematics – and being a part of their learning and growth. Our volunteers build relationships with children that can have an impact beyond the basic ABCs and 123s.

As we think about ways to improve our 2016, consider taking advantage of National Mentoring Month and other volunteer opportunities in your community. Visit the National Mentoring Month website  to learn more about ways to get involved. Contact Quinn Miller at to learn more about volunteer opportunities with THC.

Here’s to a wonderful new year.

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