Make your voice heard at the ballot box.

Voting in every election is the most effective way to make your voice heard. Want representatives who look like you, are from your community and share your values? Vote. Want to see change in local law enforcement? Vote. Feel forgotten or ignored by politicians? Change begins with voting.

Why should I vote?

Vote for your future.

Vote for your community.

Because if you don’t, others will.

We’ve convinced you to make your voice heard. Now, how do you vote?

Make sure you’re eligible. 

  • Are a U.S. citizen.
  • Meet your state’s residency requirements. Important to note: you can be homeless and still meet these requirements.
  • Are 18 years old on or before election day. In DC, you can pre-register to vote before you turn 18 if you will be 18 by election day.
  • Are registered to vote by your state’s voter registration deadline.

Register to vote in DC.

  • DC: Click here for DC voter registration information.
  • MD: Click here for MD voter registration information
  • VA: Click here for VA voter registration information.

Where can I vote or drop off my ballot?

  • For vote-by-mail DC voters, click here to find ballot drop box locations.
  • For early DC voters, click here to find polling locations.
  • For election day DC voters, click here to find voting centers.

I still have questions. Can I easily find answers to them? 

Yes, the DC Board of Elections’ website has helpful information for DC voters. If you still need assistance, email

How can I stay safe at the polls amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

The safest way to vote is to vote by mail. 

If you can’t vote by mail, try to vote early

If you vote in-person on election day, follow COVID-19 hygienic protocol.

What are my voting rights?

  • If you are in line when the polls close, the polling location must allow you to vote. Don’t leave until you cast your ballot.
  • If the machines are down at your polling place, you have the right to request a paper ballot.
  • It is against the law to pressure someone into not voting or to vote for a specific candidate. If you are being harassed at the polls, you can report the incident to the election protection hotline by calling by calling 1-866-OUR-VOTE or 1-888-VE-Y-VOTA.

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