Watch “Our New Normal: COVID-19’s Continuing Impact on Women & Children of Color” here.

In March 2021, one year into the pandemic, we talked about how COVID-19 has drastically heightened the inequities low-income women of color face and because these injustices have existed for decades, we know they will sadly outlast COVID-19. Now, one year later and still in the midst of the pandemic, we continue to see how the pandemic continues to disproportionately impact women of color despite efforts to return to “normal”. 

Watch our first “Seat at the Table” panel discussion of the year on the intersection of housing, health, employment, domestic violence, and the roles we can play in addressing the compounding crises facing women and children of color today.


  • Sonia Gahimbare, Permanent Supportive Housing Clinical Manager, Housing Up
  • Liz Reinert, Executive Director, Suited for Change
  • Michelle Sewell, Crisis Shelter Director, D.C. Safe
  • Debbie Fox, Senior Policy and Practice Specialist, National Network to End Domestic Violence
  • Moderated by Christina Peay, Vice President of Philanthropy and Communications, Housing Up

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