Abigail Alvarez

Communications & Philanthropy Intern



Tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Abigail Alvarez and I am a sophomore pursuing a degree in Planning and Public Policy from Rutgers University. 

What drew you to Housing Up’s internship program?

Housing Up’s commitment to transforming the lives of DC residents through innovative affordable housing initiatives compelled me to become a part of the internship program. Not only does Housing Up provide housing for low-income and historically marginalized families, but they also provide ample support services aimed to help these families build stable and prosperous futures. Housing Up’s passionate involvement in fighting against the affordable housing crisis in the nation’s capital inspires me to expand my knowledge and ability of how I can help with this effort. 

Although I am located in New Jersey, the prospect of making a tangible difference in the DC community drew me to Housing Up. Seeing all their past accomplishments and future plans gets me excited to contribute to their mission of helping unhoused families living in the city. Being able to initiate progress in communities experiencing racial and socioeconomic inequalities remains a primary catalyst for joining the Housing Up internship program.   

What are you looking forward to most in the next year?

I am looking forward to learning more about my field of study and strengthening my understanding of complex and multifaceted issues within urban spaces. I am eager to continue to apply the skills I have developed in my Planning and Public Policy classes to real-life community engagement opportunities. As the next year unfolds, I cannot wait to discover new ways of connecting with local, statewide, or nationwide organizations dedicated to fostering impactful and transformative change for an equitable and inclusive society. 

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I hope to be working for a nonprofit in a city environment; it will give me the opportunity to lead driven programs that nurture the growth of vibrant and diverse communities. Whether I am advocating for housing affordability, education accessibility, or environmental sustainability, I want to devote my time to life-changing initiatives.     

What’s something not everyone knows about you?

I love writing poetry. For me, it’s a very mindful and cathartic way to work through my thoughts. I enjoy the creative freedom that comes with it. When I’m not writing poetry, I’m most likely reading it!

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